My first publication!

My short essay “Painted” was published by Boston Accent in their anniversary issue.

It’s so exciting to see this piece out in the world. For years I’ve been trying to find a home for this one particular experience in a nail salon, and I’m so glad it has landed in a magazine with ties to Boston, where it takes place.

I’d like to thank all of my generous readers who have given me feedback and encouragement on this piece since I started it: my Draft Dodgers and Roof Writers writing groups, my Essay Incubator classmates, my teachers, my friends, and especially Eric, who has read countless drafts of this essay.

Thank you for reading it!

4 thoughts on “My first publication!

  1. This really captures being 26 and female in Boston. That’s the age I was when I moved back here and started grad school. Its a tough age, especially for the strivers among us. Nothing feels like it is working out and you’re ready for your life to happen. Sigh

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